WOODCUT’s newest client is Terren. A brand new architectural firm offering an entirely new option in home planning. Terren has just launched, and is selling Limited Edition architecturally designed, fully engineered and thermally assessed home plans with artfully curated finishes. Ready to build on their clients land by their choice of builder.  

The Terren idea was born out of the founders realising there was seemingly a gap in the home design market between Architect designed plans from scratch and volume builder designed and built homes. Paul Kegen, the Founder and Lead Architect of Terren described that, “as an architect, I deal with all sorts of different clients and families with, as you can imagine, a huge variance in what they want, need and are willing to spend. I started to notice this pattern of similar problems, barriers and miscommunications between clients, architects and builders… Essentially, it seemed that what most people wanted was access to beautifully designed architectural home plans but they didn’t want to subscribe to the associated time and costs involved.  They also didn’t want to follow the volume build model that  locked them into one particular builder from the outset but rather wanted the freedom and flexibility to have their home built by whomever they choose to trust. So we created Terren as an entirely new option.”

Early on in the design process Terren collaborated with WOODCUT to specify and quote on a selection of high quality timber flooring products for every Terren home. Paul explained, “these homes have been designed from the ground up, with every detail taken into consideration. Our partnership with WOODCUT ensures that no matter who builds each Terren home, the holistic design and considered materiality remains intact.” 

WOODCUT worked with the Terren Architecture team to specify two colour scheme options for each of the four Terren designs in their just released Botanical Collection of Dahlia, Wisteria, Juniper and Viola. The two material pallets – Ironbark and Maple, bring together material selections for everything from the WOODCUT floors through to the joinery and even the window furnishings. By doing so Terren gives their clients the confidence of knowing that every detail has been specified by their architect to work beautifully with the other curated finishes in their home. Paul told us that “we have even provided a pre-priced option for clients to change their WOODCUT floors to herringbone or wider boards. Our clients can of course change any of the material choices during their design consultation, or even later down the track with WOODCUT or their builder, but we wanted these designs to ensure that every detail was fully considered from the outset.”

The Terren Botanical collection is now available for exploring at terren.com.au. If you visit the design tab you will be able to pick the home that most appeals to you as well as the floorplan changes and optional additions that enhance your family’s lifestyle.  As you select, your verified build price will be automatically updated so you can play around and see what things really cost to build. You can even download your selections and floorplans once you are done. 

Our high quality engineered European oak flooring is the most specified product range in Victoria and New South Wales, so it only made sense that this new architectural option was designed with WOODCUT in mind.