Coating — High Quality by Woodcut

At WOODCUT, we pride ourselves on not only delivering the best quality engineered timber but also valuing the importance of ensuring the longevity of your floors.

All our timber flooring products are pre-finished and ready for immediate installation. While many other flooring companies require an oil application post installation and regular ongoing applications which incurs additional costs and inconvenience, our timber allows for a more efficient installation in enabling you to complete your project on time.

Additionally, our product range is low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) which has been tested in Australia. Volatile Organic Compounds impact air quality, which in turn can impact our health and well-being.

On the right is a detailed description of the techniques Woodcut use to achieve the tactile nature of the boards. Plus, the two coating methods that we use in the finish of our products.

About Woodcut Coating Techniques


A: Brushed Technique (95% of our range)

The majority of our timber has been “wire brushed”. This process occurs when wire bristles are used to open and enhance the wood grain, adding texture and character to each individual timber board. Unlike hand scraping timber where large divots are carved into the wood to show a rustic effect; wire brushing is purely to open the grain of oak in order to allow finishing treatments to penetrate the timber.

B: Hand Scraping (5% of our range)

This is a process where each individual timber board is carved by hand to give the effect of an older, more rustic finish which creates more character and uniqueness.


A: UV Oil

This finish has a narrower band of thickness (application of 65 grams per m2) which creates for a more modern, high quality finish. The oil penetrates the wood’s surface and is dried under UV light to harden the coating. This type of coating does not require an oil application on completion of laying or regular maintenance oil application.

B: UV Lacquer

The top layer is spray coated with a primer coat and a top coat (application of 85 grams per m2), and then dried under UV light. The result is an extremely hard wearing and low maintenance surface, which enhances the natural grain and beauty of the wood. This type of coating does not require an oil application on completion of laying, nor does it require regular maintenance oil application.