Colchester Smooth featured in Wilsons new office in Sydney’s Governor Macquarie Tower

Our premium collection Colchester Smooth 190mm x 15mm is featured in Wilsons’ new office in Sydney’s Governor Macquarie Tower, with interiors designed by Group GSA.

Forming part of our European Oak species, Colchester Smooth is a softer colour option that maintains its earthy quality, and a beautiful choice for those wanting something a bit more refined.

With Group GSA’s design response to create a boutique hotel experience, a place to welcome visitors in a warm, friendly, non-corporate environment, Colchester Smooth was the perfect fit.

Pro Tip! How to coat Colchester Smooth

Wire Brushed Technique

This process occurs when wire bristles are used to open and enhance the wood grain, adding texture and character to each individual timber board. Wire brushing is to open the grain of oak in order to allow finishing treatments to penetrate the timber.

UV Oil

This finish has a narrow band of thickness (application of 65 grams per m2) which creates a more modern, high-quality finish. The oil penetrates the wood’s surface and is dried under UV light to harden the coating. This type of coating does not require an oil application on completion of laying or regular maintenance oil application.

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