French Oak Flooring in Sydney Melbourne Brisbane & Adelaide

Inspired by a timber merchant from Eastern Europe, and managed by his family for over 16 years, WOODCUT is Australia's specialist supplier of French oak flooring. We use the highest quality woods and always strive to improve our practices to ensure we’re sourcing our wood sustainably.

Melbourne and Sydney’s French Oak Flooring Specialists

We believe in providing you with the best quality woods, innovative timber floor solutions to ensure maximum durability, and great customer service. We’re also one of the top suppliers of French Oak flooring in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane

Why Choose French Oak?

With more than 600 different species of oak, it’s difficult to choose which wood is perfect for your new floors. Whether you’re looking for the perfect option for your home, or a durable flooring solution for a commercial property, oak flooring provides the structural integrity, long-lasting solidity and great finish you need.

At WOODCUT, we offer a range of French Oak options, and there are lots of reasons why we think this is one of the best woods you can choose.

French Oak is known for its deep and rich colours, making it an extremely popular option for people looking to transform their home. We can walk you through the French Oak options we have, and the range of stains and lacquers you can choose from to change the appearance of the wood and improve durability.

Our Stains and Lacquers Improve Your Floors

Our complex staining surpasses anything any of our competitors offer. We combine the beauty of French Oak timber with a variety of stain colours, UV oil, and even lacquer finishes that can create the perfect floor for your home or commercial property. Rather than using basic stains, we create a colour that sinks deep into the colour of the wood, and lasts longer.

We also offer our very own acoustic adhesive and maintenance products, meaning you can keep your floors looking incredible for a lifetime. A member of our team in one of our showrooms or even over the phone will always be happy to talk to you more about our range of stains and finishes, and the best options to suit your property.

When you buy our French Oak flooring in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Brisbane, we’re not interested in selling you a sub-par product that will need replacing in ten years. We’re committed to bringing you the highest quality floors, and all the knowledge and maintenance products you need to keep the floor functional and visually stunning for an entire lifetime.

Get in Touch and Find Out More

Want to learn more about our amazing French Oak flooring? Or find out more about our lacquers and UV finish options? Our company is 100% family-owned and family-run, so we’re always happy to walk you through our products and help you get the right deal. You can reach our team at:

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Woodcut offers premium engineered timber flooring in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane. Our range covers wooden & hardwood flooring, floating & oak floorboards and more! We regularly service Richmond, Mornington, Castle Hill, Brookvale, Sutherland Shire, Western Sydney and Melbourne Eastern Suburbs.