The last 12 months has been a challenging time around the world, but one thing that has remained a constant comfort while being in and out of isolation is the ability to update and refresh our homes. Interior decor can make a huge difference to mental wellbeing, so staying on top of the latest home trends is something we are always excited about. This year we are seeing a steady progression from what we saw last year – natural, organic and simplistic décor which celebrates the earth’s raw materials with a subtle use of colour to evoke emotions. At WOODCUT, we are Australia’s specialists in engineered wood flooring and we are passionate about interior design. From naval tones to natural textures, here are a few interior trends you will see this year and into the next.

Navy Blue is the New Black

Perfect for creating elegant and contemporary spaces with a twist, on-trend navy is not always an easy colour to execute, but its beauty triumphs, ensuring this enigmatic shade will be trending in both classic and contemporary interiors for years to come. Going against the advice of using light colours to open up a space, navy brings a sense of sophisticated masculinity to a room whilst creating a luxuriously cosy ambience.

Textural Elements Are Everywhere

Rich textural expression is fast becoming the main theme for modern interiors with nature playing a big part. Stone and marble will continue their popularity with wall paper and wooden beams and wall panels making a grand revival. Homes are embracing the imperfections of authentic natural materials and will feature tactile materials with natural textures such as wool, linen, rustic looking wood where the grain is exposed and natural stone full of character. From highlighting stone wall features to decorative artisan tiles and wide oak floorboards, there are a multitude of ways to add a raw and organic textural touch to your home.

Neutrals are the New Normal

Greige (grey + beige) is the colour that is exciting interior designers this year. Grey has been a staple for home design in recent years, however, it takes clever balancing skills to ensure a home isn’t left feeling cold and unwelcoming. Beige, on the other hand, can often be too warm and if not used correctly can seriously date an interior. The ‘neutral neutrals’ such as ‘greige’ sit in the middle of the spectrum and complement both cool and warm colour palettes, and evoke a sense of calm and balance. We are also seeing a rise in colours that close the gap between neutrals and brights, such as soft pinks, muted earthy tones, and subtle hues like pistachio and sage.

Lighter Woods for a Brighter Home

Stemming from Scandinavian inspiration, light woods are trending for interiors right now. Lighter timbers are being used for floating floorboards, as well as for wooden beams and timber panelled walls and ceilings. With its raw colour and authenticity, light coloured wood is a tactile design trend of 2021 that will be a highlight for many homes across many design styles, from contemporary to traditional.

Sparking Joy with Comforting Hues and Bright Pops of Colour

We are seeing warm, serene colours from soft pastel tones to calm blues and greens that create a relaxed foundation from which to start further interior decoration. There is also a demand for brighter, bolder tones that add colour and happiness to a home, such as yellow, fuchsia and peach. Combining calm hues with a nice bright pops of colour adds interest to a space without overwhelming it.

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