Engineered Floorboards in Melbourne & Sydney

Engineered floorboards are a practical solution to the flooring in your home. Engineered flooring is also an excellent choice for a commercial space, due to its hardwearing nature. Read More

What are the advantages of engineered floorboards?

  • Exposed wooden floorboards make a beautiful statement in any home. They add beauty and charm to your space, and they have a timeless elegance. Quality wood flooring can also add value to your home, so they make a good investment.
  • At WOODCUT, our floorboards in Melbourne and Sydney come in a vast variety of colours. An original oak colour would look fantastic in a farmhouse style kitchen, adding further characterful charm, while our Roman Grey would look perfect in a chic modern living room.
  • Engineered floorboards have the advantage of being harder wearing than laminate whilst maintaining the beauty of solid wood flooring. They are made with a real wood layer on top, giving it the appearance of solid wood. At WOODCUT, we finish our floors with our specially made UV oil or UV lacquer finish, designed to work specifically with the wooden floorboards that we install. It fully seals the floorboards and hardens the top layer. As they are warranted by the same company, they work harmoniously with one another, giving you a beautiful, long-lasting floorboard.
  • A popular choice for heating properties is installing underfloor heating because it evenly distributes heat throughout the room. Our engineered floorboards are compatible with underfloor heating and we can offer you support and guidance when preparing for underfloor heating.
  • Furthermore, should you need to, your floorboards from WOODCUT can be sanded back and refinished, giving you the option to change the look and finish of your floor.

Why Are Floating Floorboards Better?

Floating floorboards are a different kind of flooring. Our wood timber veneers are slotted together with extreme precision without the use of nails or glue. That means floors can easily be replaced or repaired in the future if necessary.

Our floating flooring system works thanks to the expert precision by the joiners we work with, as well as a combination of weight, confinement, and friction. By being fitted tightly together, placed under weight, and fitted on top of an underlayment, these timber floorboards stay in place and form a perfectly flush surface on your floors. No gaps, no sharp edges, and no annoying nooks and crannies where dirt can collect.

Floating floorboards also offer a host of other benefits for both commercial and residential properties. This is an innovative way of replacing your floor and offers extreme durability and long-lasting beauty.

Quieter Floors

Thanks to the underlayment placed between the underfloor and the timber veneers – and the air cushion between them too – our floating floorboards make less noise when people walk on them. This is ideal for commercial properties with a lo0t of foot traffic, apartments where people might be living in the floor below, or any home where people just want to reduce the amount of noise that comes from walking around.

Ease of Repair

While our flooring is designed to last a lifetime, it’s always possible to scuff or dent a timber veneer by accident. With traditional floors, repairing might involve taking up large sections of the floor owing to the fact it is nailed or glued down. With our floating floorboards, however, you can easily replace a small section of floor. This reduces repair costs significantly.

Quicker Installation

It’s quicker to install our flooring, too! We offer a full installation service for our floorboards, or you can purchase them online and have them quickly and easily fitted in your home by anyone familiar with floating floorboards. This cuts down on installation costs and means you’ll be enjoying your brand-new European timber floors in no time.

Why choose WOODCUT for your floorboards?

For engineered floorboards in Sydney and Melbourne, WOODCUT makes the ideal choice for premium quality, service and value.

WOODCUT can offer support and guidance throughout the whole process when choosing your floorboards in Sydney and Melbourne. We also have our range of exclusive SAICOS cleaning and maintenance products to keep your new wooden floorboards in tiptop condition.

We work with interior designers and architects to ensure the products we offer are always on trend and we can offer you one of the largest collections of colour choices in Australia.

Visit us in one of our showrooms today and see for yourself our fantastic range and experience the quality. We highly recommend viewing your choice of flooring as seeing our range online cannot beat seeing the real product. For architects and designers, we can send you a WOODCUT sample box.

Transform your space with quality floorboards from WOODCUT and enjoy your new floors for a lifetime.

Woodcut offers premium engineered timber flooring in Melbourne and Sydney. Our range covers wooden & hardwood flooring, floating & oak floorboards and more! We regularly service Richmond, Mornington, Castle Hill, Brookvale, Sutherland Shire, Western Sydney and Melbourne Eastern Suburbs.

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