Timber Floorboards in Sydney

You most likely have a vision for what you want the floors in your home to look like. Whether you are currently stripping away the old carpets or pulling up old, warped flooring then you are already one step closer to achieving that dream.

Cleaner, meticulous timber floorboards are what many Sydney homeowners opt for today, knowing that they have the power to lift the aesthetic of a room and simultaneously deliver the kind of reassurance and smooth finish that has been missing for so long. Read More

Enhance Your Sydney Home with High-Quality Timber Floorboards

Here at WOODCUT, we are timber-flooring specialists. As an Australian owned, family-run business whose tradition in this field stretches back three decades, our showroom in Waterloo is the perfect place to drop in for a chat and get a sense of the possibilities that you may not have already considered for your home. We exclusively stock European oak and inspect each board before it is packaged to guarantee that it meets our extremely high standards.

The Many Advantages of Timber Floorboards

There are plenty of reasons why homeowners continue to make the switch from other flooring alternatives to timber. Living in Australia, it can be impractical to have carpets throughout the home. They are difficult to keep clean and if exposed to the sun regularly they quickly lose their colour and are incredibly uncomfortable to walk on.

However, in choosing timber flooring, you immediately transform your home and tap into a warm inviting vibe. There is a wide range of choices available with regards to colour. At WOODCUT, we are known for our large range of colours. The difference between what we offer customers and what our competitors offer is in the particularly complex staining process that we undertake. Basic stains are the norm in this industry, however, we go the extra mile and then some to achieve unique colours.

When you access high-quality timber floorboards your Sydney residence gains a tough, durable product that is also beneficial with regards to health. Many other flooring products will hold onto dust and it will become embedded within them, which can complicate matters for those that suffer from allergies.

What’s more, dirt, dander and all other kinds of grime dragged in underfoot or by household pets can easily be cleared away, reducing the risk of mould developing and harmful spores being released into the air.

Our European Oak timber is unique in the sense that it is the cleanest you will find in the market. Our UV coatings ensure that the wood is afforded an exceptionally high level of protection. As such, with our products and the knowledge that we are happy to share with regards to cleaning and maintenance, you gain a flooring solution that will stand the test of time.

Intelligent, Efficient and Friendly Service

Here at WOODCUT, we love to engage with our customers as they seek out the perfect look for their home. You can trust in the fact that we sell mainly through knowledge as opposed to using aggressive sales tactics, which affords you space and time to consider your choices and make good decisions based on the best of advice.

When we provide timber floorboards to Sydney customers, our aftersales service affords them a single point of contact for all of their needs. So, whether you need maintenance products, or have a query about the warranty or if you need even more high quality engineered timber, we handle everything.

Woodcut offers premium engineered timber flooring in Melbourne and Sydney. Our range covers wooden & hardwood flooring, floating & oak floorboards and more! We regularly service Richmond, Mornington, Castle Hill, Brookvale, Sutherland Shire, Western Sydney and Melbourne Eastern Suburbs.

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