Oak Floorboards in Melbourne & Sydney

Renovating your home, or looking for a flooring solution for a new business property? Whatever you need, WOODCUT offers the expertise the quality that you need to transform any room. With over 40 years of collective experience in the timber industry, we can deliver stunning quality wood oak floorboards in Sydney and Melbourne at prices you can afford.

Our sawn cut veneers mean all floors fit perfectly, and our innovative nosing system means your stairs can be perfectly encased in the most stunning European oak. Read More

The Most Beautiful Oak Floorboards in Sydney and Melbourne

Whatever you’re looking for, our friendly and knowledgeable team is always at hand to help, and you can rest assured the stains, treatment and maintenance products we offer will ensure your new wooden floors last a lifetime.

Yes, a lifetime.

Ethically Sourced and Expertly Made

Our oak floorboards in Melbourne and Sydney are sourced ethically from various timber mills across Europe. We’re always working to improve our practice and ensure that all our wood is sourced as ethically as possible, without sacrificing quality. We source the highest quality veneer lamellas from Europe.

We then take that quality wood and manufacture our quality oak floorboards by experts in China, under the strict supervision of WOODCUT’s in-house, full-time timber flooring inspectors. We ensure that every single piece of our quality oak flooring is machined to precision. That means a perfect fit, long-term durability, and no annoying nooks and crannies where dirt and dust can gather.

Our Oak Floorboard Range

Our oak floorboard range is extensive. Not only can you choose from a variety of shapes and styles, we also offer a budget range for those who want to save even more. Our Project Timber Range offers amazing savings, while maintaining the quality and durability you’d expect from our brand.

All Project Timber floor options are made using exactly the same quality as our Premium Collection of oak flooring but is 3mm thick as opposed to the usual 4mm. You’ll get the same warranty as you would with the Premium Collection, and the same quality finish. The lengths of each board also varies between 1600mm and 1900mm, meaning you can always choose the size that suits you best.

So whether you’re looking to kit your place out with the thickest, most luxuriously smooth Premium Collection oak floors, or something to suit your budget, you’ll always find the right product online or in our showroom.

Treated to Last Longer

All our floors are treated and stained to last longer, either using a UB oil or UV Lacquer finish coat. WOODCUT’s oak flooring is protected from oxidation and we help you maintain the wood and protect against wear in areas of high foot traffic. While all wood always changes naturally, we ensure that our treatments are as strong as possible to ensure your floors last a lifetime.

Every customer gets a full maintenance guide for all applications, and we’re always happy to offer maintenance assistance and support.

Woodcut offers premium engineered timber flooring in Melbourne and Sydney. Our range covers wooden & hardwood flooring, floating & oak floorboards and more! We regularly service Richmond, Mornington, Castle Hill, Brookvale, Sutherland Shire, Western Sydney and Melbourne Eastern Suburbs.

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