Having specified WOODCUT’s Voss floors for her recent Northcote interior project, our team was immediately drawn to the calm and timeless design sensibility of interior designer Melissa Vukadin.

A neutral, detail driven interior that celebrates the effortless aesthetic of natural materials and a light palette, Kellett Street is an exercise in luxurious simplicity.

Here, Vukadin walks us through the brief, her core design principles, and her favourite Instagram accounts for inspiration.


Tell us a bit about the brief for Kellett Street

Kellett St Northcote was built and designed to appeal to a modern household that would strongly take an interest in the quality of their living environment and how it would make them feel.

The interior brief was to be neutral and pared back, with a well-considered use of space and materials that would be relevant to home living both today and for years to come.

A home that would reflect a wonderfully calm and unbiased colour palette with the flexibility to change the interior look through furniture, artwork and soft furnishings.


How did you develop the resulting design and materials palette?

Sustainable materials and longevity were both key focuses; things I always like to consider and stay true to in any concept I put forward. I love to use re–emerging trends for inspiration and adapt them to create a timeless outcome.

I have a very neutral aesthetic and this palette comes out very naturally for me.


Which WOODCUT product did you select and why?

Voss was the ultimate choice for this project. Not only does it have a gorgeous natural texture, it also has an incredibly dreamy effect with its pale timber tone.


What do you love most about timber floors?

Timber floors create a warm environment, it’s soft on your feet as opposed to a tile or concrete. I also love layering timbers and creating dimension through different timber shades of the same tone.


If you were specifying a WOODCUT product for your own home tomorrow, which product would you choose and why?

I have to say Voss. The reason is that I really love the soft tone and the fact that there is little variation in colour, and it gives the space a serene and natural feel. This is where I would want to be.


What are your favourite materials, colours and textures at the moment?

My love is for timbers, stones, textured carpets, organic fabrics for soft furnishings and every shade of neutral. I like to use single pops of colour to create a little bit of interest depending on the mood.


Favourite Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration?

There are so many wonderful people and businesses I follow on Instagram that inspire me every day… But to narrow it down, I really love floral installations, so Looseleaf is a great one to really say WOW.

I love following artist Bobby Clark not only for her art but her witty and down to earth nature.

Zimmermann for their exquisite fabrics and style shoots.


See more of the project here.