There is nothing quite like the luxury of heated floorboards during the colder months, and with hydronic heating, WOODCUT floors do not only look good, they feel great, all the while creating a cosy environment in any home.

Our timber floorboards work well when coupled with heated subfloors because they do not release toxic chemicals into the environment. This is a result of the extremely low VOC levels in our timber.

The featured project was one done in collaboration with DPP Hydronics, who has over 10 years’ experience installing hydronic heating in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. The system installed on this project was a combination of Designer Radiators and Slimline Screed Heating. The slimline screed heating is a new and popular method of installing hydronic floor heating. It allows for a thick topping slab, that is ideal for the prevention of hairline cracking. The designer panels make radiator panels not only functional but elegant adding to the aesthetic design of the interior.

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