When you think of high-traffic areas, timber flooring may not be the first solution that comes to mind. With a natural beauty that adds warmth and texture to a contemporary space, solid timber is a popular flooring choice although some types are known to be notoriously sensitive and prone to scuffing and scratching. WOODCUT is Australia’s leading manufacturer of premium engineered solid timber flooring, and we strive to provide the highest quality timber flooring products that can stand up to the rigours of the fast-paced modern lifestyle. If you want to add the beauty of a timber floor installation to your new home or renovation, making the right timber choice will ensure your floor can withstand even the busiest of traffic.

Solid Timber Flooring

Using actual pieces of timber cut to make robust floorboards, solid timber flooring gives you the natural look and feel of timber and is sturdy underfoot. Solid timber floors are extremely durable as they are coated with hard-wearing finishes such as polyurethane, that can resist most wear and tear from busy areas. Relatively easy to clean, and with a little maintenance, a solid timber floor can easily last for decades. Although, solid hardwood flooring does have the tendency to naturally expand and contract over time, especially in locations which experience extreme climate changes.

When choosing a solid hardwood for living areas, kitchens and hallways, it’s important to choose a hard-wearing option such as oak, maple or cherry, as these are most likely to stand up against a busy household. However, these species of wood are the more expensive wood flooring choices.

Engineered Timber Flooring

This is a great alternative to solid timber flooring and is renowned for its strength and stability. Featuring all of the same aesthetic attributes of solid timber flooring on the surface, engineered timber flooring is designed with a multi-layered construction making it a universally versatile product which offers exceptional durability and longevity. A more affordable option than solid timber floors, engineered timber boards provide a superior resistance to expansion or contraction as a result of their multi layered construction.

Suitable for almost any room in the house, engineered timber flooring is low maintenance, easy to clean and is available in a wide range of colours, styles and finishes to complement the interior of any home.

Is WOODCUT Engineered Timber Flooring Ideal for High Traffic Areas?

When comparing the attributes of solid timber and engineered hardwood, there is little doubt that engineered timber flooring from WOODCUT is the best timber flooring for high traffic areas. Not only will you get the premium look and feel of solid timber, our engineered floor boards are crafted with creativity and passion, giving you the unique grain and natural features of timber coupled with strong, impervious construction for a lifetime of use. From traditional grains and colours to bespoke white oak flooring for the ultimate design statement, our premium timber flooring is the perfect choice for homes and businesses that desire functionality as well as style.

For the highest quality engineered timber flooring, our experts are available now to provide professional solutions and services in our Sydney and Melbourne showrooms. Book a showroom consultation with our friendly and knowledgeable team today and let us help you select the perfect floors for your home. Book online now or call us today.