Tell us a bit about yourself and your business:

SYNC is a multidisciplinary design studio located in Carlton North, founded by David and Carly Tennant. We believe that good design is about spending the time to craft and detail each and every element. Our design approach is a balance between functional minimalism and the everyday.

A bit about The Hampshire Project:

The home, built by Concept Build is designed around a centrally located courtyard with vantage points from all surrounding living spaces. The large 260mm wide WOODCUT boards in the colour ‘Roman Grey’ compliment the generous proportions of the home including the two storey stair void and connecting zones.

What is important to you when choosing finishes and materials?

Quality, colour and texture, maintenance, sustainability, availability and customer service.


They have an extensive range to suit any project and great colour consistency in their boards. It’s also a pleasure to walk our clients through the amazing Richmond showroom! WOODCUT is one of our go-to suppliers who we have worked with on lots of our projects. They always understand our concepts and have the right colours to match!

Something positive you have taken out of COVID 19?

The appreciation of working in a collaborative studio environment and the opportunity to spend quality time with our newborn daughter Valley!

Any good IG accounts you recommend for design Inspo?







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